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  • 3 tank equipment rentals
  • Refresh dives
  • Guided dives
  • Advanced Certifications
  • Instructors training
  • Technical Courses
  • Closed circuit re-breather Training
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and receive the following:

  • Three free days of diving upon course completion.
  • Diving computer for the duration of the course.
  • Dives at 8 competely unique sites during the course.
  • Private Insurance.
  • Internationaly recognised SDI diving licence.




  • Your first encounter with the underwater world
  • A personal experience with a private instructor
  • Several diving sites to choose from
  • Open for everyone: ages 8 and up
  • no prerequisites, no hussle
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Welcome to Scuba Diving school and club - "Deep Siam"

"Deep Siam" is a professional diving club that has over 33 years of experience specializing in recreational diving, Diving courses, diving activities, guided dives, refresh dives. Our club is founded upon three main principles: uncompromising professionalism, absolute safety and a perfect diving experience. We are located in Eilat Israel.

You decided to do
Eilat diving course?

You've probably chosen one of the most unique things in the world that will give you many hours of pure enjoyment, discoveries of the underwater world and, if you like, a new career .. It's time to put things right and put the truth on the table.
First thing important to say, any certificate from any diving organization you receive in Israel is an international certificate that you can dive anywhere in the world, anywhere without exception!

Digital Club

When you come to choose a diving organization to which you belong, check out the following to see if the organization has full online documentation of all certificates and qualifications and also allows you to access your information from anywhere in the world. This service is extremely important to you as a diver because if you lost your certificate or just forgot it, no problem, you can withdraw your certification from the Internet.

Diving computer

When you come to do a diving course in Eilat Check before the dive organization requires the use of a dive computer in all dives and all campers, so that your safety level is just like the guide. At Dipsyam, we make sure to provide a dive computer for every trainee in the course!

Seniority and professionalism

It is important to make sure that the person who represents the organization in Israel is first of all a diving club, with at least 25 years of experience in the field, a director of documentation and full registration on the organization's website for all certification issued to trainees in Israel, the organization's instructors are qualified by the mission and are constantly supervised by the mission, a dedicated office manages the The organization and not as part of daily activities "on the road", the study materials also exist in Hebrew, the study materials exist for use online and in Hebrew. If you make sure to verify these details before you close a diving course in Eilat, you will be a member of a diving organization that will support you anywhere in the country or in the world throughout your diving years.

Who can pass
Diving course?

No matter if you are planning to do one dive course for the experience or if you want to get a five-star guide license, this dive course is a great experience for everyone (ages 12-88) and it is highly recommended to try it at least once.

What is the price of a diving course?

The prices of a dive course vary from club to club and of course to the desired level. One star dive course will include less tutorials and dives and therefore its cost will decrease accordingly. Another detail to consider in the cost calculation is accommodation, many clubs do not offer accommodation services and this will incur many additional costs between hotel and transport and it is highly recommended to check what your accommodation options are for each club you will find out.
Another word about the price, there are clubs that provide discounts for clubs such as "member", "salute" and so on and it is highly recommended to find out as this can greatly reduce the cost of the diving course.

Club suitable for beginners

Entering the dive world is such an experience that people do not regret and forget it easily. A beginner dive course provides us with excitement, sights and footing in the whole new world for us. But since this world is new to us and we are new to it, there are some aspects that need to be emphasized when choosing the club where you will do a diving course. The first thing to see is that the club is ready and ready to get beginner divers, this is a club that has a classroom and advanced and experienced instructors who were able to take care of themselves and you underwater. It should also be ascertained that the equipment used by the club was of high quality and professional equipment (this part should not be problematic as most clubs use quality equipment). An international license is a great indicator of the quality of the club and its instructors and it also provides you with many options to continue

Open Water Course

Introduction to Scuba Diving - Intro Dive

  • Diving Course in Eilat

  • Ship wreck diving

  • Coral Reef Reserve

  • Cave Diving

  • Closed circuit re-breather

  • Technical Diver

  • side-mount diving

  • Underwater photography

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